This training course, which lasts for 16 academic hours, has been designed for people who have been designated as a first aid provider by their employer, but also for everyone who wishes to acquire theoretical and practical skills in providing first aid – from dressing a wound to carrying out CPR.

According to the decree of the Ministry of Social affairs Nb. 80 (14.12. 2000)” An order of training in health protection and safety of work” it is defined that at each enterprise there has to be a person responsible for first aid which completed the Basic First Aid Course 16 ac/h and after three years, to complete an Additional First Aid Course 6-8 ac/h. Also, the employer has to provide passing of the Basic Course to the person appointed responsible for first aid within the first month after its appointment.
The course aim is – to teach people how to act quickly and correctly at various type of injuries and a serious illness, beginning from bandaging of insignificant wounds till providing CPR resuscitation actions.

Courses are organized according to requirements of the Red Cross and represent the highly skilled trainings aimed at development of practical knowledge and skills. An optimum number of people in group 10-12.

Course subjects:

Managing an incident;

Assessing a casualty;

The unconscious casualty and recovery position;

How provide cardiopulmonary resuscitation of adults, children, babies;

How to use an AED;

Choking adult, child, infant;

Life-threatening symptoms: shock, heart attack, stroke, seizures, anaphylactic shock;

Different types of traumas: wounds and bleeding, fractures, burns, foreign objects;


Electrical incidents;

Snake Bite.

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